summer is usually a whirlwind of both musical and personal emotions, and 2014’s edition was no different.  for all the ups and downs and in betweens, there was an ample amount of new music available to complement any given mood.  our newest seasonal mixtape highlights those such tracks, including pop music from radiator hospital and alvvays, stadium-ready r&b from the weeknd, and pensive ambiance from yohuna and the antlers.  check it out.


cloud nothings has gone through a rigorous transformation over the past five years.  what started out as a one-man, lo-fi pop project has morphed into an abrasive, frenetic trio more so informed by punk bands like the wipers.  dylan baldi and company churned out here and nowhere else earlier this year, another eight-song collection that reaffirms baldi’s position as one of this generation’s most formidable songwriters.  cloud nothings recently stopped by the kexp studios and tore through a selection of tracks from their new record.  take a look and a listen below.

dan snaith has released music under a handful of different monikers, but his work as caribou is arguably the most revered.  caribou’s new album, our love, is due out october 7th via merge records, and snaith has shared the record’s title track today.  no words can accurately describe his prowess, so just take a listen to “our love” below, courtesy of caribou’s soundcloud page.

back in march, former das racist member kool a.d. released his latest mixtape, word o.k., an eleven-track companion to last year’s not o.k.  kool a.d. relied on the production talents of amaze 88 throughout much of word o.k., and chillwave pioneer turned r&b/dance enthusiast toro y moi popped by for a few numbers as well. the three all crossed paths on “the front,” a laid-back joint built on toro y moi’s liquid synth bass line and a guest verse from amaze 88.  the track got a music video yesterday, courtesy of cool reve, and follows the trio around on a lazy, care-free day.  check it out below.

tennis is set to return with their long-awaited third album, ritual in repeat, on september 9th.  it’s the indie-pop outfit’s first full-length release since early 2012 and seems to follow in the footsteps of last year’s small sound ep, if the early singles are any indication.  the band dropped a second preview of their new record yesterday in the form of “i’m callin’,” an up-tempo, disco-beat powered number that demands your complete attention.  take a listen to the song below, courtesy of the band’s soundcloud page.

charlotte oleena is breaking her silence.  under the moniker sea oleena, the montreal musician released a pair of gorgeous eps in 2010 and 2011, but took a lengthy hiatus to focus on her first full-length.  now backed by lefse records, sea oleena will release shallow on september 30th; if its lead single is any indication, this record will be a strong one.  “if i’m” slowly dunks oleena’s vocals into a pool of reverb and decay, her delivery becoming more and more obscured as the song progresses.  armed with a descending piano chord progression, sparse string offerings, and an abrupt timbral shift to arpeggiated guitars at its midway point, “if i’m” is an exercise in poignancy that sticks with an audience for all of the right reasons.  stream the track below.

if you were to puree a middle-aged dad’s record collection and then sprinkled a bit of chicago’s diy ethos on top, your hypothetical/metaphorical smoothie would taste a lot like twin peaks.  the young midwestern quartet released their excellent sophomore album wild onion last week, and to celebrate we’re taking a look at their session on kexp this past march.  watch the band rip through two new cuts, along with a pair from last year’s sunken, below.


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