noah lennox announced panda bear meets the grim reaper last night, his first effort as panda bear since 2011’s tomboy.  the album drops on january 13th via domino records, but lennox also dropped a new ep, mr. noah, to serve as a stopgap; it’s streaming now on spotify.  the ep’s title track appears on grim reaper as well, and was released in conjunction with a jarring, rather abrasive music video.  check it out below.

nashville-via-des moines duo field division are set to release their debut ep reverie state next week, and today they’ve shared a new track, the cascading “to innisfree land.”  it’s yet another strong outing from the band, joining the ranks of “modest mountains” and “hollow body weather.”  evelyn taylor and nicholas frampton tag-team the rich harmonies that permeate “to innisfree land,” easily melding their voices into the song’s ethereal synth textures and reverb-laden guitar lines.  take a listen below.

ludvig moon has a tendency to craft impeccable hooks, regardless of which pop tangent they choose to explore.  the norwegian quintet released their self-titled debut ep via riot factory last month, a four-song collection that finds the young band tracing a light pattern through the many permutations of shoegaze, handling both the subdued and the cinematic with relative ease.  but even when ludvig moon embarks on an ostensibly straight-ahead journey, the venture proves to be wonderfully multi-faceted.  penultimate track “anywhere/anything” presents itself as the most upbeat offering on the ep – pushed along by busy drumming and lightly-phased guitar lines – but the song’s final minute swaps out any remaining c86 influence for a lushly-orchestrated, half-time coda.  this kind of attention to detail and direction on such an early outing is rather rare, and indicates a promising future for this outfit.  take a listen to “anywhere/anything” below.

chvrches have adopted an exhaustive touring regimen since the release of last year’s excellent the bones of what you believe, and are only now beginning to slow down and talk about crafting their second album.  while that as-of-yet unnamed album won’t materialize until 2015 at the earliest, the glaswegian trio have provided an indelible placeholder.  “get away” is part of an ambitious bbc project to rescore the 2011 film drive; curated by zane lowe, the artist roster includes diverse acts ranging from bring me the horizon to john hopkins and is set to premiere on october 30th.  chvrches’ contribution is the first audio snippet available from the new soundtrack, and is appropriately cinematic.  the drum programming and synthesizers contained in “get away” mirror the ominous nature of drive, but lauren mayberry’s lyrics and delivery retain that uplifting presence that so well defined the band’s debut effort.  if “get away” is any indication, chvrches will be hard-pressed to achieve a sophomore slump.  take a listen below.

if you missed out on open mike eagle’s latest album, the following kexp session should provide all the convincing necessary to correct that shortcoming.  the los angeles-based rapper released dark comedy through mello music group back in june and recently stopped by the seattle radio station to play a handful of cuts, including the excellent “qualifiers” and “very much money (ice cream dream).”  check it out below.


certain types of electronic music just hit harder when there are leaves on the ground.  the newest lazy sunday installment features eight such tracks, including new tracks from milo, caribou, and foxes in fiction along with a wonderful recently-unearthed demo from good night & good morning.  listen in by clicking the play button above.

tennis’ third album, ritual in repeat, is arguably their strongest effort to date, resting its laurels on the seasoned songwriting partnership of alaina moore and patrick riley.  the album found tennis experimenting with darker lyrics and moments of murky production, but they still managed to contrast this change with perky outings like “i’m callin’,” whose upbeat tempo recalls the band’s early days.  perhaps that’s why the song’s new music video is so jarring.  severed fingers, an old woman with a stack of vhs cassettes, and synchronized dancing clones feature prominently, culminating in a rather unsettling and eerie end.  watch the video below.

warren hildebrand spent the better part of the past three years working on the material that would become ontario gothic, so it stands to reason that he would have a few other sketches of foxes in fiction songs that didn’t quite fit the album.  enter “october (for j),” a sprawling six-minute amalgamation of samples that hildebrand completed and premiered tuesday night on newtown radio.  the song is aesthetically more in line with the “hospital district”/”static cult” single released back in 2011, and comes days after hildebrand hinted at returning to a more experimental approach to his music as foxes in fiction.  regardless of future trajectory, “october (for j)” is a wonderful addition to hildebrand’s emotive canon.  take a listen below.

vince staples has had a very good year.  after releasing his fourth mixtape shyne coldchain vol. 2 in march, staples dropped his first ep, hell can wait, last week via def jam.  today staples shared the music video for “fire,” the opening track off the ep, which depicts him vehemently proclaiming “i’m probably finna go to hell anyway” in a church confessional box, adding a stark visual accompaniment to the many religious allusions already present in his music.  check out the video below.

brooklyn’s paperwhite bill themselves as a dream pop duo, but the emphasis is clearly on the pop; thudding kick drums, punchy synths, and soaring vocals have dominated their standalone tracks thus far.  katie and ben marshall are set to release their debut ep magic on november 17th via duly noted records, and have padded the announcement with a superb new earworm entitled “pieces.”  a simple drum part lays the framework for a song powered by a multitude of intertwining synthesizers and a layered vocal melody that would have felt at home in a john hughes move, had it been released thirty years prior.  dig in below.


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