milo – things that happen at day

i feel guilty that this has been out for nearly a week and i haven’t mentioned it yet.  this is a record you’ll want to hear, and an artist you’ll want to keep tabs on.  rory ferreira, aka milo, is an extremely talented 20 year old rapper currently based in wisconsin, but i think he’s from somewhere else originally.

i first heard him on his mixtape milo takes baths and was struck by how effective his spoken-word influence was as well as his highly philosophical lyrical content.  fast-forward to new year’s day 2013, and the dude puts out two new eps that serve as companions to each other, things that happen at day and things that happen at night.  both expand on the concepts featured on baths, with even more profound philosophical observations that essentially boil down to every-day streams of consciousness so common that we aren’t even aware of them.  pop culture references are still abundant; milo can utter a star trek reference and pablo neruda in the same breath and make it sound natural, because it is.  have you ever stopped to analyze the progressions your brain goes through?

melody seems to creep in a bit more on things that happen at day, immediately evident on opener “sweet chin music (the fisher king’s anthem).”  while this may partially be due to producer riley lake’s exquisite beats, it seems that milo is still searching for an absolute identity, one to attach to the ambiguous title he has coined for himself: “rapsmith.”

stream things that happen at day below via bandcamp, and be sure to check out its companion as well.



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