indians – somewhere else

indians somewhere else

in a world where the chillwave genre is rapidly dying out as the artists associated with its inception are trying to supplement their work with other influence in stark contrast, indians breathes a bit of new life into the art form.  the moniker of soren lokke juul, indians is relatively new on the scene, and their debut album somewhere else proves that they have arrived a bit ahead of the curve.

steeped in aquatic synths, opening track “new” initially runs the dangerous risk of pigeonholing indians into one specific genre, but a clear pop aesthetic is quickly established and runs consistently through the entire album.  perhaps the most notable aspect of juul’s music is the careful attention he devotes to the presence of acoustic instruments and blatant vocal harmony.  while many of indians’ contemporaries and possible influences relied on layering to create an especially ethereal effect, the tracks on somewhere else have a strong sense of melody and harmony, as seen in particular on lead single “i am haunted.”

cuts deeper into the album draw from other influences; “reality sublime” has a tremolo synth center that immediately recalls grimes’ latest effort and “cakelakers” strips nearly every electronic aspect away from indians’ music, creating the album’s most readily-accessible track.


a debut album that is, at times, slightly erratic still proves to be a genuinely interesting listen.  indians puts everything they’ve got out in the open, and while their influences may creep dangerously close to the surface at times, somewhere else is still a credible supplement to the ever-evolving chillwave movement.



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