watch the music video for earl sweatshirt’s “hive”

early looks at earl sweatshirt’s highly-anticipated sophomore album doris only prove that the 19 year-old rapper is nothing but the real deal.  “chum” and, to a lesser extent, “whoa” showcase clear lines of evolution from 2010’s earl up to the present day; earl’s violence-riddled teenage angst has transformed into something darker and more mature, proving that he’s finally found an aesthetic that makes damn near everyone take him seriously.  now he’s compounded on that reception with “hive,” the newest single off of doris that features long-time friends vince staples and casey veggies.  the beat is quintessential odd future with it’s sub-bass sleaze and slow drums, but i would be willing to bet that this is earl himself behind the production instead of syd or left brain.  as he gets older and comes into his own, earl seems to be relying on no one but himself to get things done.

earl’s current state in life can probably be summed up by the intro of “hive” : “promise heron i’ll put my fist up / after i get my dick sucked / quick buck, maybe a gold chain.”  this is a new earl that will probably have to be reckoned with.  doris drops august 20th.  check out the dark, eerie video for “hive” below.


*”hive” appears to be produced by frequent odd future collaborator matt martians aka sweaty martians, but the detailed tracklist for doris suggests that earl handles the production on a good chunk of the album.


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