listen to a new song from milo

it’s hard to believe that milo is only now getting around to releasing his debut full-length album.  the wisconsin rapper, who is currently carving out a niche for himself in los angeles, was heavily featured on dimestore saints throughout 2013, but this year has been relatively quiet in comparison.  that’s ok.  milo has been crafting a toothpaste suburb, a sixteen-track volume of work due out september 23rd via hellfyre club.  to read the young rapsmith talk about his new album on social media, it seems like it will fall in line with milo’s first mixtape, i wish my brother rob was here (at least, according to his dad); perhaps milo is not continuing down the path beaten by cavalcade but rather is returning to his roots to explore new tangential possibilities.  regardless of trajectory, a toothpaste suburb has the potential to be a decisive piece in milo’s musical puzzle.

the album’s lead single, “you are go(o)d to me,” premiered yesterday; it’s an understated slow jam, full of sparse ethereal synths and thin traces of percussion, and the song’s hook appropriately finds milo singing about witty melancholy men.  but “you are go(o)d to me” is ultimately a love song of sorts.  occasional non-sequiturs take the back seat to milo’s desires to be objectified and unorthodox romantic gestures like “i would make you breakfast with raspberries / and pick out all the seeds using nothing but my little fingers.”

you can head over to hellfyre club’s store to pre-order a toothpaste suburb, but first take a listen to “you are go(o)d to me,” embedded below.



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