watch the music video for death from above 1979’s “trainwreck 1979”

sebastien grainger was born in 1979, a fact that seems to take extreme precedence in his life: the number is tattooed somewhere on its arm, it’s attached to his band name (to avoid legal troubles), and now it’s been tagged onto the end of his band’s latest single.  the day after performing the song on david letterman’s late-night show, death from above 1979 premiered the music video for “trainwreck 1979” – pulled from their new album the physical world – over at noisey.  bookended by a younger girl learning the song’s bass riff in her bedroom, the music video primarily focuses on the duo’s live show, complete with its hallmark elephant trunk logo and the new black versus white duality embodied by keeler and grainger.  the same girl turns up at the show, but there’s other footage of her as well, longboarding in isolation and looking pretty forlorn in general.  her air of discontent mirrors the lyrics contained in “trainwreck 1979” rather well, but a small slice of satisfaction seems to be obtained at the end.  check out the video below.


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