stream the new mannequins on 7th street ep

mannequins on 7th street dropped their long-awaited debut ep super blue earlier today, a sprawling twenty-minute offering that’s incredibly fulfilling yet creates an aching desire for hours more of material.  alexandre lambrecht and tim de fontaine have kept true to promises implied by early tracks like “sophia,” delivering successive electronic exercises that highlight fastidious production and sharp lyricism.  super blue opens with “who are you,” a song that made the rounds here last week in video form, and also contains a gorgeously remastered version of “out of sight,” the track that single-handedly put the duo in heavy rotation over here at dimestore saints.  yet it’s the ep’s closing number that feels the most indicative of mannequins on 7th street’s sound; “free from real” burns slow with echoing synth pads propped up by faint arpeggiations, allowing lambrecht to become completely immersed in his lyrics and to stretch his vocal melodies to their fullest extent.  take a listen to super blue below.


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