full sets: teen daze

teen daze“full sets” is a new bi-weekly series we’re trying out, one that will run opposite of our bi-weekly mixtapes.  while we do our best to present a weekly video of live music from either kexp or kcrw, we are also entirely aware of the vast amounts of concert footage that exists in the bowels of the youtubes.  so, twice a month we’ll dig up a performance with both gorgeous audio and video and present it to you.  overall length may not be consistent, but these videos will always be best experienced in a single sitting. check out our second installment.

in honor of teen daze’s excellent new ep released earlier this week, we’ve reshuffled our presentation order of “full sets” to bring you one of his stunning live sets.  while he records most of his music in solidarity, the sprawling and ambitious nature of 2013’s glacier required the man behind teen daze to enlist the help of a touring ensemble in order to execute all of the album’s nuances properly.  the songs become more emotive with a full rhythm section in tow, and the union of organic and electronic instruments is a beautiful sight to behold.

teen daze spent a day out in rural new york to cut a “barnburners” session for wnyc, and three songs are presented in fluid succession in the video below.  both “tundra” and “by love” are expertly retooled to give the guitar more of a prominent role, but the live band really hits its stride with “ice on the windowsill,” a standout track from glacier that finds jamison executing the gorgeous vocal melody almost flawlessly.  the short concert film begins with a voice-over interview, so cut ahead to the four-minute mark if you want to immediately experience the kaleidoscopic live performance.



by love

ice on the windowsill


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