month in review – february

month in review winter 2february felt fluid.  along with a number of pre-planned albums and eps that delivered on most or all of their potential, we were treated to a slew of new singles, new announcements, and that one surprise album that captivated all of twitter.  like always, we’ll tackle the more cohesive releases first before moving on to standalone tracks and general music news.  dig it.

february 10th: quarterbacks – quarterbacks

february 17th: ibeyi – ibeyi

february 24th: diet cig – over easy

this month was a solid showing from bands out of new paltz, with quarterbacks and diet cig both offering up important contributions to the town’s burgeoning diy/twee/what-have-you landscape.  french duo ibeyi managed to wrangle our undivided attention for a good chunk of february as well; the sisters’ self-tilted debut is a whirlwind spectacle of pure artistry and manages to show that the marriage of jazz and r&b still has fresh avenues to be explored.  folk mainstays father john misty and josé gonzález both fired off admirable new albums this month, the former garnering inevitable year-end attention, while mount eerie added to his staggering discography with the haunting sauna.  last but not least, drake unceremoniously dropped if you’re reading this it’s too late on a friday night, thus fulfilling a contractual obligation with cash money.  it’s a very even performance – though not necessarily his best – that simultaneously grants drake complete autonomy with his forthcoming views from the 6.


new tracks from clark, yumi zouma, and speedy ortiz graced our presence this month, all of them taken from anticipated upcoming albums or eps.  detroit’s gosh pith continued to churn out excellent content in small doses, this time zeroing in on the straight-ahead ethos found on “prints.”  dimestore saints also played host to a promising pair of songs from newcomer alexei shishkin, a bedroom-confined singer-songwriter with a debut tape due out in april on forged artifacts.  both “goodbye chile” and “santa cruz” are nostalgic odes to shishkin’s former places of residence, and each requires a handful of dedicated listens to properly ingest the subtle wordplay and harmonic structures used.  finally, baltimore’s soft cat shared the second single off of their upcoming third album all energy will rise.  “diana” capitalizes on the collective’s established pastoral tendencies, but it’s arguably neil sanzgiri’s most realized and nuanced piece of work yet.


march has a crippling number of new releases to consume, from lady lamb the beekeeper to aeroflynn to yumi zouma to lightning bolt.  heavyweights like modest mouse, death cab for cutie, and sufjan stevens will all have new albums to sift through, while offerings from laura marling and action bronson both carry significant amounts of intrigue and potential.  as always, standalone tracks and singles from forthcoming albums and eps are inevitable; we’ll have you covered on that end as well.  check back this time next month for full details.


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