iron & wine – ‘dreamers and makers are my favorite people’


photo courtesy of warner brothers records // iron & wine

sam beam has ventured far from his humble beginnings.  his last two albums as iron & wine, ghost on ghost and kiss each other clean, have been lush and expansive studio endeavors, but beam first made his mark with the sparse home-recorded whispers that populated 2002’s the creek drank the cradle.  vaguely biblical and always poignant, the early iron & wine material is forever soothing, a comfort music of sorts for those quiet nights of solidarity.

beam launched an archival series of his earliest material back in january; its first volume contains sixteen tracks written and recorded around the time creek was released, and a few of them are performed live for the first time in ‘dreamers and makers are my favorite people,’ a new short film released last friday via iron & wine’s youtube channel.  the film centers around beam’s performance at jerry run theater, a small independent arts center in rural cleveland, west virginia.  while the early stages of beam’s tenure in the music industry are rightfully highlighted, the subplot of the documentary delves into the history of jerry run itself.  pretty cool that founder dusty anderson built the place completely by himself and completely on a whim.

you can stream ‘dreamers and makers are my favorite people’ in its entirety below.  if you are interested in purchasing this film, click here.


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