listen to a new song from day wave

day wave
photo courtesy of the artist

jackson phillips gained significant traction earlier this spring with “drag,” his third offering under the moniker day wave.  his hazy home-recordings immediately conjure up a brand of nostalgia befitting of its attached similes and metaphors, but pushing past the aesthetic yields a lyrical persona with which we can all empathize.  on “we try but we don’t fit in,” phillips captures the union of youthful hesitancy and buoyancy quite accurately with the monster hook of “i made a mess / with all of my friends / i made a mess / i’d do it again,” but it’s the subsequent delivery of the song’s title that really grounds it in a more frustrating reality.  “we try but we don’t fit in” comes with the announcement of the debut day wave ep, headspace, out july 17th.  take a listen to the track below.

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