full sets: hellogoodbye


photo courtesy of the artist

we here at the dimestore headquarters harbor endless, unapologetic affection for hellogoodbye.  the forrest kline-helmed project has released two solid albums and one absolutely superb album, 2010’s would it kill you?  in the four years that separated the band’s debut from their coming-of-age effort, kline bore witness to a revolving door of contributors while penning a collection of melodically-rich pop songs that would define hellogoodbye’s musical maturation; largely devoid of autotune and other digital bleeps and bloops, would it kill you? instead shows off kline’s underrated guitar skills and his incredible penchant for writing sweeping arrangements adorned with triumphant horn lines.

this new, more organic approach to songwriting transferred well to the stage.  this installment of our “full sets” series hones in on the band’s performance for a daytrotter event at the hoosier grove barn in streamwood, illinois.  the show lines up with some of the earliest tour dates in support of would it kill you?, but it’s immediately apparent how fluidly hellogoodbye gels as a live ensemble, with members freely trading electric guitars for ukuleles and acoustic guitars for keyboards to accommodate the textures presented on the album.  at the core of the band’s live aesthetic is kline’s amiable personality and the corny stage banter between members; it’s obvious that each hellogoodbye show is designed to be an absolute feel-good experience for the audience, and that the band is so adept at their musical craft is a huge added bonus.  watch the full performance below.


the thoughts that give me the creeps

getting old

would it kill you?


when we first kissed

finding something to do

oh, it is love

when we first met

here in your arms


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