listen to a new song from morly

photo courtesy of the artist

it’s fitting that we would start again gravitating towards music from the midwest as the dimestore gears up for another cross-country move back to the region.  our latest kick is morly, the pseudonym of minnesotan singer-songwriter and gayngs affiliate katy morley.  her output often explores a symbiotic relationship between lush choral passages and minimalist electronic soundscapes; morly’s latest single “and sooner than we know it…” is a perfect example.  the track boasts a bevy of ascending, ethereal vocal lines that benefit immensely from the busy production that gradually increases from the depths of its texture, moving from a hazy autumnal chill to warmer, more majestic pastures.  “and sooner than we know it…” is the centerpiece of morly’s debut ep, in defense of my muse, out august 14th via cascine.  take a listen below.

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