month in review – july

july felt like an anomaly.  there were certainly good records to digest and to think about, but nothing really hit hard until the end of the month.  as such, we focused more on singles; there seemed to be an endless supply of new cuts previewing upcoming offerings from some of our favorite artists later this fall.  but, like always, we’ll cover the long-playing side first.

july 28th: cemeteries – barrow

the centerpiece of july was tame impala’s currents, an album we’re still grappling with.  it’s tempting to get sucked into its psychedelia, which kevin parker finely tunes to the point of exhaustion, but the album lacks true depth to go along with its sonic beauty.  contending for attention around the same time was the surprise new album from wilco; star wars came unannounced and free to download, two delightful facts that only partially masked the album’s shortcomings.  hopefully it’s more of a stop-gap.  finishing out the month was the new record from cemeteries, detailed above, a new punk rock odyssey from titus andronicus, and blood, the engaging new release from lianne la havas.


singles ruled this month, and they ran the gamut of genres, from scrappy pop punk to hip-hop to lush electronic soundscapes.  indie stalwarts beach house kicked off july with “sparks,” the lead single off of their upcoming album depression cherry and the dominos toppled from there; new singles from established acts like chvrches, pure bathing culture, and mick jenkins all caught our attention while relative unknowns like morly, elohim, and innanet james vied for the top position as well.


august promises to deliver more content to the reviews department.  cascine will deposit a pair of new releases from morly and the road chief; teen daze will offer up morning world, his foray into truer pop music; mick jenkins has finally announced that wave[s] will arrive august 21st; and the end of the month will be flooded with new releases from beach house, all dogs, the weeknd, and destroyer.  the fall quarter is right around the corner as well, so expect august to contain a bevy of new announcements and singles as well.  as always, check back this time next month to play catch-up with us.


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