listen to a new song from yumi zouma

photo courtesy of chad kamenshine

we’ve done a rather poor job of masking our affinity for yumi zouma here at dimestore saints, so we’re appropriately elated that the band’s upcoming 12″ compilation for cascine features an unearthed track.  “right, off the bridge” is packaged with the rest of ep i, and on its surface the track mirrors the laid-back, guarded nature that defined yumi zouma’s early approach to songwriting.  as it progresses, however, “right, off the bridge” gradually cedes musical direction to the mindset that birthed the more anthemic hooks found across ep ii, signaling it as the perfect segue between the band’s two distinct chronological periods.  pre-orders for the ep collection are up now over at cascine’s webstore; stream “right, off the bridge” below.


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