month in review – november

month in review - novembernovember was a relatively quiet month for the dimestore, a welcomed calm before the storm that is the fervor of year-end lists.  those will start appearing in earnest around the middle of december, but for now let’s rehash all good things that dropped this month.  you know the drill.

november 20th: port st. willow – syncope

it’s a badly-kept secret that we’re pretty enamored with the long-awaited port st. willow follow-up.  syncope is poignant and incredibly well-arranged, its contrasting orchestrations a perfect soundtrack for gloomy late-autumn days.  adele and grimes both released highly-anticipated new albums this month, but november played host to a plethora of notable releases as well, from goldlink’s buoyant debut album to oneohtrix point never’s grating garden of delete.  the japanese house also turned in her second excellent ep of 2015, while global pop mainstays one direction and justin bieber offered up competing albums on the same day.


this month’s singles department featured the return of some familiar faces; danish trio chinah turned in their third offering of melancholy r&b while elusive los angeles resident elohim offered up “bridge and the wall,” the surging lead cut from her upcoming aa-side.  november also served as a platform for artists to ramp up intrigue in their forthcoming full-lengths.  anderson paak is prepping malibu for an unspecified release date, though “the season/carry me” and “am i wrong” are sufficient placeholders for the time being, and double double whammy signee florist shared the title track for their new album, the birds outside sang, due out january 29th.

then again, the end of november seemed to be a good time to let loose, particularly for one of the year’s reigning champions.  after reworking an already-solid jay rock track into “traffic jam (easy bake remix)” the day before thanksgiving, kendrick lamar doubled down two days later with the topical “black friday,” a dense freestyle delivered over a j. cole beat that delivers extensive homage to kanye west.  similarly, j. cole went in on the “alright” instrumental, precipitating rumors of a forthcoming collaborative project between the two.  we’ll see come february.


so that about does it for 2015.  some high-profile release will inevitably slip out unannounced next month, but we’ll be turning our attention towards the aforementioned year-end best-of lists.  those should start running during the second week of december if you’re interested.  as always, thanks for reading; hope to see you next time.



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