yohuna – “apart”

– featured image courtesy of brian vu –

those who have been reading the dimestore for awhile will recognize why the arrival of this song is so special.  until now, johanne swanson’s output as yohuna has been about as sparse in quantity as it’s been astounding in quality, with an intimate standalone track surfacing every year or so since her revery ep in 2011.  that pacing changed yesterday as yohuna announced her debut full-length, patientness, a nine-song effort appropriately due out september 9th via the inimitable orchid tapes.

though yohuna began as a solo venture in new mexico and developed further in eau claire, boston, berlin, and new york, patientness seems poised to dabble more in the collaborative; addie strei (adelyn rose), felix walworth (told slant, bellows, eskimeaux), emily sprague (florist), warren hildebrand (foxes in fiction), and owen pallett are all credited with helping to realize swanson’s arrangements.  our first taste is “apart,” the re-working of a demo that first appeared on a le sigh compilation in late 2013.  walworth’s sauntering drums power the track, while woozy guitar arpeggios wrap themselves around swanson’s airy vocals to create a cyclical, haunting soundscape that’s best left on repeat for quite awhile.  take a listen below.

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