triathalon – “day one”

– featured image courtesy of michael younker –

triathalon exudes an impeccable smoothed-out aura.  with a pair of full-lengths and last year’s cold shower extended play in tow, the new york outfit has constructed an after-hours aural paradise, where the tempos are slowed down to a molasses drip and a falsetto perpetually flutters towards the stratosphere.

while things have been rather quiet in the triathalon camp throughout 2017, a glimpse of an impending release recently surfaced in the form of “day one.”  the trio’s palette has somehow become even more refined on the new single, with wobbly synth and guitar motifs steadying themselves against a more robust rhythm section.  wandering through it all is adam intrator’s lead vocal, switching effortlessly between registers to match a lyrical ebb and flow of varying states of mind.

expect to hear more new music from triathalon sometime in 2018.  until then, take “day one” for a spin.


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