triathalon – “sometimes”

– featured image courtesy of michael younker –

the new york trio triathalon will unleash their sensual, after-hours aural inclinations in full on february 16th when their new album, online, drops via broken circles records.  folks eagerly awaiting the band’s full-length can now revel in “sometimes,” its third preview.

after cooly easing into a stuttering backbeat, triathalon ride the ensuing groove for two-and-a-half minutes, threading a busy bass line and chiming guitar chords through adam intrator’s double-tracked, shoulder-shrug of a hook: “that’s just how it goes / sometimes.”  capped off by a woozy motif that trails each iteration of its chorus, “sometimes” is an immediate earworm foreshadowing things to come in the new year.  take a listen below.


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