triathalon – “butter”

– featured image courtesy of michael younker – 

triathalon are just a few weeks out from releasing their latest full-length, the aptly-titled online, and the new york city-via-savannah trio have shared the album’s fourth and final single today.

on “butter,” adam intrator and company continue to fine-tune the early-morning haze that consistently washes over their tracks, sharpening a muffled soundscape to crystalline perfection before zooming back out.  contained within this panorama is a throbbing expanse in which meandering piano interjections, woozy guitar countermelodies, and intrator’s stuttering, pitch-shifted lead vocal all cohabitate harmoniously, an infectious trifecta in the foreground of an incredibly nuanced track.

online arrives february 16th via broken circles.  listen to “butter” below.


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