quiet friend – “breathplay”

– featured image courtesy of daniel dorsa –

quiet friend’s self-titled debut has been simmering for some time now.  nick zanca and steven rogers began working on the tracks that populate the nine-song effort in 2014, working in close concert with producer alex thompson to sculpt a vast high-fidelity soundscape with the utmost care.

after allowing lead single “safe” to soak in for a couple of months, zanca and rogers recently released a follow-up, “breathplay.”  the track turns again and again on the curiosity that accompanies its main hook, “where has your body been?”, with zanca describing “breathplay” to gold flake paint as “a meditation on queer hookup culture and all of its idiosyncrasies.”  sonically, “breathplay” is a treasure trove of percolating synths that occasionally cede territory to a cascading guitar motif, all of which are softly enveloped by melancholic string pads.

as if the aforementioned wasn’t enough of a privilege to digest, “breathplay” also comes with an accompanying music video directed by austin johnson, a breathtaking visual representation of the project’s aesthetic.  quiet friend arrives march 9th via elestial sound.  listen in on “breathplay” below.


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