half waif – “back in brooklyn”

– featured image courtesy of tonje thilesen – 

half waif’s new album, lavender, arrives at the end of the month; it’s one of our most anticipated releases of the year, an anticipation continuously bolstered by the strength of its string of singles.

on “back in brooklyn,” nandi rose plunkett sheds much of the constructs of her usual electro-pop veneer and is left with little else besides a handful of plaintive piano chords.  plunkett’s voice is front and center in this sparing arrangement, the contours of her lead vocal swayed by the push-and-pull tendencies of the accompanying keyboard.  these temporary spurts of momentum lend themselves well to a subject matter grappling with the fragments of a relationship, pieces that yet solidify a component of identity.

it’s a song about comfort that also acknowledges the constraints of said comfort, questioning its benevolence.  alongside its release today, plunkett wrote an essay on “back in brooklyn” for talkhouse, further illuminating its backstory.  lavender arrives april 27th via cascine.  listen to “back in brooklyn” below.


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