premiere – lawn

– featured image courtesy of amelia anderson – 

the new orleans duo lawn traffics in a brand of jangle-pop that harkens back to the genre’s inaugural days: bright, chiming guitar parts layered over vocal harmonies that seemingly burst from nowhere.  mac folger and ruy de magalhaes are slated to release their debut full-length, blood on the tracks, as lawn on may 11th via forged artifacts; the folger-centric lead single, “2000 boy,” arrived last month, and today sees the release of the album’s title track.

“blood on the tracks” finds de magalhaes at the helm, navigating this mid-tempo number through to the sublime gang-vocal deliverance of its titular hook.  although compact in stature, “blood on the tracks” is incredibly potent, a combination of de magalhaes’ commanding lead vocal and folger’s instant-classic off-kilter guitar break in between the second and third chorus.

for those still looking to experience the thrilling dichotomy of lawn’s songwriting duo for the first time, run “2000 boy” and “blood on the tracks” back to back.  the latter is premiering today, right here on the dimestore.  dig in.


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