premiere – honyock

– featured image courtesy of the artist – 

sacramento four-piece honyock makes vaguely psychedelic pop music, steeped in the tenets of yesteryear but firmly rooted in their collective present-day experiences.  after toiling away on their debut full-length for over two years, the band is gearing up to release el castillo at the end of the month via friendship fever.

“heather,” the second single honyock has offered up off of their album, is decidedly breezy in comparison to its straight-ahead predecessor, “patron.”  the former relies on a momentary acoustic foundation to harness its enduring aesthetic, while a suspended bass line is soon co-opted into the song’s recurring, horn-powered motif.  from there, “heather” progresses as a soulful layering exercise, alternately relying on swirling organs and consonant vocal harmonies to underscore its sentiments.

a wistful recollection of its titular character dictated by a wayfaring narrator, “heather” is a summertime odyssey of sorts, its intricate guitar work a guide back to some semblance of home, of familiarity.  we’re pleased to premiere “heather” right here today on the dimestore; take a listen to the track below.


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