listen to a new song from we are the willows

minneapolis sextet we are the willows crafts the kind of indie rock best described as chamber music propelled by hearty percussion and bucolic vocal harmonies, relying on various string timbres to weave countermelodies through gripping lyrical narratives.  the band released their sophomore effort picture (portrait) via the homestead records today, an excellent, sprawling album based around letters written by frontman peter miller’s grandfather throughout the second world war.  one of the more gripping songs on the album is “dear ms. branstner,” a rather plaintive outing that finds miller weighing out the concepts of love and mortality in his assured countertenor.  take a listen below.


listen to a new song from grouper

liz harris is set to release ruins, her latest album under the moniker grouper, next friday via kranky records.  harris has already shared the commanding single “call across rooms,” and today she’s offered up another.  “holding” clocks in at just under eight minutes and again features only harris’ voice and a piano, but the delicacy of the instrumentation is anything but a hinderance to the song’s captivity and the slow-burning, ostinato piano melody is the perfect nightcap to a long, long week.  take a listen below.

listen to a new song from running in the fog

amanda harper makes music as running in the fog, and the very nature of her music is indicative of the moniker she has chosen.  after offering up glitchy, mood-centric slices like “desire” and “sail” off of last year’s silver ep, the san franciscan has returned with “$ign$,” the first single off of her upcoming full-length for unspeakable records.  while clearly well-informed by the constructs of r&b, this new running in the fog cut also showcases a purposeful use of depth, with harper’s vocals placed squarely in the middle of a spacious cavern also occupied by a team of dark, brooding synthesizers.  take a listen and grab a download of “$ign$” below.

listen to a new song from alvvays

already armed with one of the summer’s strongest releases, toronto-based alvvays have added to their rising stock with “underneath us,” a track previously only available on the cassette edition of their self-titled debut.  the band’s united kingdom label, transgressive, is celebrating their tenth anniversary by giving away a free track from their catalogue every day; head over here to snag “underneath us” and click below to listen to the slow-burning shoegaze number.

stream and download the new white dune album

white dune expansemulti-tasking is fairly common within the eau claire music scene.  veterans often lend their talents to a myriad of projects spanning a multitude of genres, from indie rock to hardcore punk to jazz and back again.  one who embodies the exact description listed is dave power, who has most notably drummed for local indie stalwarts meridene and adelyn rose, but he’s also spent time loudly punishing his kit in puncher and deftly renegotiating tempos and time signatures in various jazz combos.

over the past year, power has been quietly adding to his repertoire by posting standalone tracks to bandcamp under the moniker of white dune.  the singles would appear and disappear with virtually no proclivity, but they offered a glimpse into power’s burgeoning interest in electronic music and his capacity to handle virtually every aspect of the music’s production.  after a dry spell and a few delays, power released expanse, his first full-length as white dune, this past tuesday.

what’s striking, especially in comparison to power’s most recognizable work, is how subdued and pensive the music throughout expanse feels.  much of the album’s premise is predicated on the marriage of arpeggiated synths and drums – both live and electronic – and while the latter often provides momentum, the songs still retain a somber, introspective quality.  power’s adelyn rose companions have guest spots throughout expanse, including a truly haunting vocal feature by jaime hanson on “corbin dallas,” and fellow eau claire producer sloslylove puts his own spin on “good night, mr. bateman” to close out the album.

although just a side-project currently confined to power’s home studio, white dune has proven to be another successful campaign among his many musical endeavors.  stream and download expanse at a pay-what-you-want rate below via bandcamp.

stream and download the new kid trails ep

kid trailspatrick jeffords routinely finds himself playing bass guitar and looking cool in both toro y moi and painted palms, but over the past few years jeffords has also been sporadically releasing music of his own under the moniker kid trails.  his latest effort is an ep entitled out here, a decidedly complete offering in comparison to his various mixtape appearances.  while jeffords supports lush, exquisitely-produced acts in a live setting, his own work in the studio is comparatively raw.  besides enlisting the help of fellow toro y moi bandmate andy woodward to play drums and mix the ep, jeffords handles all of the chores on out here, from the squealing synths and bouncing bass lines on “along” to the poppy guitar work on “care to.”  stream and download out here below, courtesy of kid trails’ bandcamp page.

listen to a new song from los angeles police department

lapd musiccompared to the raucous, fuzzy sounds of “waste,” ryan pollie’s second single as los angeles police department is comparatively tame.  “she came through (again)” still maintains that lo-fi, bedroom-recording aesthetic, but the guitars are less abrasive in order for pollie’s vocal melody to properly cut through the texture.  with its simple hook, background vocals, and easy-going 6/8 time signature, “she came through (again)” feels like something that could’ve been heard on an a.m. radio dial fifty years ago.  both singles are taken from los angeles police department’s self-titled debut, out in september via forged artifacts and chill mega chill in the united states and gold flake tapes abroad.  take a listen and grab a free download below.

stream and download a new little kid demo

little kid banda bit over a year ago london, ontario lo-fi artist little kid released river of blood, a ten-track album that frequently found frontman ken boothby intellectually grappling with concepts of religion and morality.  it’s a fantastic record and one that gets detailed more here in our 2013 interview with boothby.  now little kid is prepping a cassette release of demos from the river of blood sessions, due out july 29th through his bandcamp page.  the collection will also be available to stream and download that day as well, but you can stream “apostles” exclusively here at dimestore saints.  check it out.


listen to a new song from ricky eat acid

ricky eat acid catas ricky eat acid, sam ray has created one of the most arresting albums of 2014 with three love songs, and he’s also found time to revive teen suicide, plug away at a new julia brown record, and cuddle with plenty of cats.  but ray’s meticulous output as an electronic musician continues at a steady rate; his new ep sun over hills, out for free on july 8th, was announced in a noisey feature earlier today.  accompanying that feature was “angels,” an erratic and sometimes downright aggressive single that embodies the nightmarish theme attached to sun over hills.  take a listen below, courtesy of ricky eat acid’s soundcloud page.


listen to two new songs from mister lies

mister liesnick zanca has been making music as mister lies for awhile now, particularly capturing an audience with last year’s mowgli.  a follow-up record is due out later this year via orchid tapes, but zanca has released two new tracks to tide over fans and entice newcomers.  “flood you” b/w “medusa” is a frenetic nine minutes of impatient vocal samples and positively jittery electronics.  you can stream the pair of songs below and download them at a pay-what-you-want rate.

*update: mister lies’ new album is called shadow and will be out in october via orchid tapes.