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Yumi Zouma 2

photo courtesy of aaron lee

here at the dimestore, we’re just counting down the hours until yumi zouma releases willowbank, their second full-length album in as many years.  the new zealand quartet excels at creating an intimate brand of pop that can switch from microscopic to expansive at a moment’s notice; for a sample, look no further than “half hour.”

the band’s latest single is muted, reflecting the somber subject matter of death and its baggage, but “half hour” opens up into an enveloping entity towards its end, an ensuring, calming embrace.  coupled with the black and white self-directed video found below, “half hour” is a welcomed change of pace for the advanced offerings yumi zouma have put forth ahead of their new album.

willowbank is out october 6th via the inimitable cascine.  check out the video for “half hour” below.



photo courtesy of eleanor petry

the olympia, washington, producer briana marela released her third solo album, call it love, today via jagjaguwar.  along with the album’s arrival, marela has shared the visual accompaniment to a new single, “farthest shore.”

marela paired up with seattle-based director bobby mchugh to make the music video, and the two honed in on their shared experience of night terrors to craft the clip’s aesthetic.  the end result is quite jarring; marela stars opposite physical manifestations of these terrors, the video’s progressively fractured composition mirroring the debilitating effects of being trapped in a seemingly perpetual dream state.

follow the link above to purchase a copy of call it love, and watch the hazy, unsettling clip for “farthest shore” below.

margaret glaspy.jpg

photo courtesy of the artist

if you somehow still haven’t listened to margaret glaspy’s phenomenal debut album, emotions and math, now would be a great time to do so. oh, and for good measure, be sure to absorb her arresting npr “tiny desk” performance from earlier this year as well.

all caught up?

good, now you can fully appreciate glaspy’s latest music video, this one adding visuals to her album’s title track.  in the claire marie vogel-directed clip, glaspy kills time at a mundane office job while she susses out feelings for the song’s subject, creating a formidable wall collage in the process.  check out the music video for “emotions and math” below.

ness nite derrick koch

photo courtesy of derrick koch

ness nite’s output in 2016 has been sparse but powerful; three singles form a composite sketch of the sensual, nocturnal atmosphere vanessa reliford has fastidiously cultivated from scratch, each pairing downtempo production with a chameleonic vocal delivery system capable of transitioning from melismatic hooks to rapid-fire bars at a moment’s notice.  throw in this impeccable live rendition of an unreleased track, “sigh,” and it becomes even more apparent that ness nite is poised to ascend the steps of a higher platform.

while we’re still a couple of months out from a full-length ness nite project, today does mark the arrival of the music video for her standout cut, “yes,” which features a guest vocal from nick jordan and extra production from collaborator mike frey.  reliford flows through grassy fields with a supporting coreographed cast in tow in the conner evert-directed clip, though the scene’s unassuming consonance is slowly consumed by a nighttime ceremonial bonfire of sorts.  after only aurally experiencing ness nite for months, this video for “yes” is the perfect visual accompaniment.  watch below.

maria usbeck holland brown

photo courtesy of holland brown

maria usbeck’s debut solo effort, amparo, flew relatively low on our radar this spring, a regrettable situation that is being steadfastly remedied.  positioned just behind the curtain of the album’s opening number is “moai y yo,” an effortlessly breezy ode to usbeck’s time on easter island.  today, that track receives a music video treatment in the form of a captivating, minimalist clip that follows usbeck and two dancers moving fluidly against a simple backdrop; click here to read the interview that accompanied rookie‘s premiere, and watch the video for “moai y yo” below.