true blossom – heater

– featured image courtesy of rob lambert –

true blossom is an uncannily accurate moniker for a young band with a debut this polished, this confident. the atlanta-based quintet formed around the collaborative spark of vocalist sophia cox and guitarist chandler kelley in the humid early summer of 2017, accumulating its final three members and writing many of the songs that appear on its first full-length, heater, throughout the rest of the year. across ten tracks, true blossom turns in a vibrant portfolio of pristine synth-pop, one that pays astute homage to its studio-focused forebears while still keying in on diy aesthetics.

after the irresistible lead-off single “baby” and a triumphant bloom of synthesizers on its companion piece, “me & u,” heater hits its stride on “flu punks,” the core aural tenets of true blossom coalescing in a tidy package; prominent, elastic bass lines, brassy synth leads, and crisp guitar bell-tones weave a tapestry atop a robust percussive foundation, a rich template that informs many of the album’s subsequent tracks.

on heater’s title track, cox and synthesist jamison murphy engage in an abstract conversation, a droning synth response coming in reply to cox’s admonition of “i hear you buzzing / don’t want to hear any more of your talking,” along with a more measured, melodic counter to her parting shot of “you think it’s cool / it’s never as cool as you’re thinking.” this fracturing is an excellent precursor to the album’s final trio of songs, a triptych of loss and longing that leans on true blossom’s glossy affect as both the perfect foil to and embellisher of its more melancholic moments.

true blossom’s first nine original songs (the album’s tenth, its functional interlude, is a gorgeous, glassy cover of mount eerie’s “grave robbers”) are formidable in their cohesiveness, their assured demeanor an excellent foundation upon which to construct future works. heater is out now via citrus city records. stream the album in full below.


shy layers – “gateway”

– featured image courtesy of jamie keiter – 

jd walsh makes polychromatic pop music under the moniker shy layers that feels like an extension of his visual artwork.  the newly atlanta-based polymath puts this on full display with “gateway,” the effervescent lead single off of walsh’s sophomore full-length, midnight marker.

the self-directed music video feels like using a kaleidoscopic lens to excavate walsh’s brain; psychedelic images continuously swirl with walsh superimposed over them, trotting out the track’s salient instruments: voice, guitar, modular synthesizer.  from a strictly auditory standpoint, “gateway” is an unassuming balearic gem, with myriad countermelodies and motifs intertwined amidst walsh’s earworm of a lead vocal.

midnight marker is due out may 25th via beats in space.  check out the irresistible music video for “gateway” below.