kevin krauter – “suddenly”

– featured image courtesy of alexa viscius – 

kevin krauter is poised to turn in one of the summer’s finest albums.  the indiana singer-songwriter – who also spends time in the bloomington-based band hoops – is prepping the release of toss up, a stellar collection of tunes that doubles down on the breezy intimacy of his wonderful 2016 extended play, changes.

the album’s third single, “suddenly,” is as robust as its predecessors.  slightly melancholic, “suddenly” finds krauter winding a vocal melody through an arpeggiated guitar ostinato, a lilting effect compounded by the woozy, vibrato-tinged synth motif that echoes the track’s main hook.  taken alongside “rollerskate” and “keep falling in love,” krauter’s latest offering is another compelling glimpse of this songwriter’s gifts, proof that the simplest structures can be among the most affecting.

toss up arrives june 15th via bayonet records.  listen to “suddenly,” below.


kevin krauter – “keep falling in love”

– featured image courtesy of alexa viscius – 

kevin krauter’s upcoming full-length, toss up, has all the trappings of a quintessential summer album: timeless singer-songwriter cuts delivered in a breezy, mid-tempo capsule.  after sharing the album’s lead single, “rollerskate,” at the top of last month, krauter returned earlier this week with its follow-up, “keep falling in love.”

anchored by spacious acoustic piano chords and syncopated guitar and synth interplay, “keep falling in love” is an earnest ode to loved ones enveloped in a relaxed soft rock exterior.  an accompanying music video, shot by krauter and friends over the course of a midwest road trip, chronicles the bliss and tenderness of companionship, clips of breakfasting, dancing, and celebrating stitched together into a nostalgic collage.

toss up arrives june 15th via bayonet records; watch the music video for “keep falling in love,” below.

kevin krauter – “rollerskate”

– featured image courtesy of alexa viscius – 

some welcome news in our small corner of the internet today: the indiana singer-songwriter kevin krauter has announced his debut album, toss up, out june 15th via bayonet records.  krauter’s name may ring a bell for those following the bloomington-based trio hoops; krauter’s songwriting folds into the greater collective of that band, but has captivated audiences at the helm of his own material, particuarly the impeccable, bossa nova-tinged 2016 extended play changes.

on “rollerskate,” the lead single from his upcoming full-length, krauter trades syncopation in favor of a dusky, more straight-ahead groove, guitar arpeggios and vintage synth pads swirling together in the foreground.  a mantra-like guitar motif jockeys for prominence with krauter’s lead vocal, here devoid of any falsetto.  as a whole, “rollerskate,” feels like a vessel in transit, an apt nod to its title; take a listen below.