harrison lipton – “blue boy”

– featured image courtesy of the artist –

harrison lipton’s debut album loveliness is a tender ten-track ode to friendship and romance in various stages.  the new york singer-songwriter wraps a formidable falsetto up in pillowy guitar chords and angelic synths, a laid-back palette in which rumination is inevitable.

nestled towards the end of loveliness is “blue boy,” a downtrodden down-tempo number about someone dearly departed.  lipton wistfully recalls fond memories with another, a static synth arpeggio shifting slightly in solidarity with lyrical melancholy, a nod to fleeting stability.  “blue boy” hits its stride in the final minute, aqueous tendencies triumphing over the greater texture and drowning it in repeated psychedelic iterations of the titular phrase.

loveliness is out now via yellow k records; take a listen to “blue boy” below.