triathalon – “south side”

– featured image courtesy of kelia anne –

musicians in southern coastal cities along the atlantic ocean have long preferred their indie rock studded with hazy r&b references; while the trend has begun to ebb over the past few years, the savannah-based quintet, triathalon, has endeavored in crafting a lush postscript to the movement.  the outfit will release their latest ep, cold shower, on september 16th via broken circles, its four songs containing high doses of sensuality and fewer beats per minute than much of their previous output.

“south side” is the perfect primer to the next leg of triathalon’s musical trajectory, so it’s fitting that the track also serves as the opener of cold shower.  adam intrator’s wispy, conversational falsetto frames “south side,” with aqueous guitar melodies and piano motifs simultaneously absorbing the leftover white spaces in the texture, but the quintet’s patience with – and embracement of – much slower tempos becomes apparent in the song’s final minute as its main melody grinds to a more glacial speed, bass and drums acquiescing accordingly.

muggy in a way only southern summer nights can be, “south side” is an indelible taste of what triathalon will offer up in full later this month.  take a listen below.