the hidden shelf – “defeatist”

– featured image courtesy of the artist – 

an ear to the ground on social media occasionally yields wondrous results.  the work of philadelphia singer-songwriter minji kong has recently drifted into orbit, specifically an extended play, cut it short a year ago, that she released under the moniker the hidden shelf.

the three tracks that populate cut it short are a potent ten minutes of introspection.  sandwiched in the middle is the aqueous, synth-driven “defeatist,” which finds kong deftly navigating the nuances of communication throughout spells of uncertainty and impermanence.  it’s a gorgeous song in all of its elements, an offering bold enough to hang its identity on a seemingly-rhetorical question: “why should we just abandon and throw when we both don’t know?”

cut it short a year ago is out now.  listen to “defeatist” below.