diet cig – over easy

diet cigdiet cig crams a lot of material into just ten minutes of music.  the new paltz duo is still green and a bit rough around the edges, but that rawness lends itself well to the bevy of emotions contained inside their over easy ep, out today via father/daughter records.

five tracks is just enough space for alex luciano to run the gamut from sarcastic to shameless to sheer loathing.  “breathless” immediately showcases her wit (“i don’t have any kitchenware / but i can walk around in my underwear / in my first apartment / where i pay so much for rent”), and while a murmuring delivery initially suggests a quaint apathy, the true dichotomy of the duo’s dynamic range is unveiled towards the end of the song.  noah bowman’s floor tom-centric drumming may be an underlying condition but luciano’s unabashed wail is the true catalyst of diet cig’s peak volume, her voice clearly piercing through an otherwise-grainy mix.

“scene sick” is the most sonically polished track on over easy, and for good reason: it contains luciano’s most relevant commentary.  besides airing her grievances pertaining to local music scenes, luciano ruthlessly takes an ex to task on “harvard” (“fuck your ivy league sweater” yelled repeatedly might be the best moment on the entire ep) and shows a similar aversion to inflated egos on “cardboard.”

diet cig sets the bar at just the right height with over easy.  the tempo rarely fluctuates from song to song, easily allowing a cohesive enjoyment of the ep and a general understanding of what the duo stands for.  like almost any act dabbling in pop-punk, diet cig does not abstain from poop references (see: “pool boyz”) nor from taking swipes at exes, but the meat of luciano’s lyrical content is so gloriously tongue-in-cheek and ridiculously on-point that those juvenile transgressions are somehow even more amusing in contrast.  new paltz has been an interesting microcosm of the east coast music scene for some time now, and diet cig only adds to the intrigue.  block out twenty minutes for over easy.


listen to a new song from diet cig

photo courtesy of andrew piccone
photo courtesy of andrew piccone

new paltz duo diet cig drop their debut ep, over easy, next month via father/daughter records, and they’ve roared back into focus with their latest single.  “harvard” is a two-minute bitter middle finger directed at a nameless ex-boyfriend, culminating in alex luciano screaming “fuck your ivy league sweater / you know i was better” repeatedly until the song exhausts itself.  take a listen to the track below.

listen to a new song from the goodbye party

the goodbye partyour good pal over at heartbreaking bravery steered us towards the goodbye party, the solo project of michael cantor, who used to play with philadelphia-based pop-punk band the ambulars.  cantor released silver blueshis first full-length as the goodbye party, yesterday via bandcamp; it’s a twelve-track effort that finds him straddling the line between earnest power-pop and more atmospheric, bluesy experimentations.  the album’s lead single, “crossed out,” falls into the former of those two camps, with distorted jangly guitar work pushed towards the forefront of the song’s mix.  despite its sunny instrumental disposition, “crossed out” lyrically reflects the somber side of cantor’s output, with lyrics like “i couldn’t make a fist to punch out / the light glowing over my head as i sleep” retaining an especially hopeless quality.  silver blues will see a vinyl release via salinas later this month; take a listen to “crossed out” below.

listen to a new song from ricky eat acid

ricky eat acid catas ricky eat acid, sam ray has created one of the most arresting albums of 2014 with three love songs, and he’s also found time to revive teen suicide, plug away at a new julia brown record, and cuddle with plenty of cats.  but ray’s meticulous output as an electronic musician continues at a steady rate; his new ep sun over hills, out for free on july 8th, was announced in a noisey feature earlier today.  accompanying that feature was “angels,” an erratic and sometimes downright aggressive single that embodies the nightmarish theme attached to sun over hills.  take a listen below, courtesy of ricky eat acid’s soundcloud page.


stream and download the new orchid tapes compilation

after stellar offerings from arrange and home alone, orchid tapes has pulled off an admirable hat trick this month with the release of their newest compilation, boring ecstasy: the bedroom pop of orchid tapes.  the aforementioned artists each contribute a track, along with label mainstays ricky eat acid, foxes in fiction, happy trendy, and infinity crush.  there’s even offerings from julia brown (highly recommended) and the sweater i gave you, who has something in the works for the microlabel later this year.  rounding things out is an excellent track from yohuna, “badges,” that has already been covered here at dimestore saints, but it’s still nice to hear the song within the context of the entire album.  vinyl copies of boring ecstasy are available for pre-order here, and you can stream and download the album for free below.