watch the music video for pillar point’s “dreamin'”

i’m exhausted after a three-day wind symphony tour, but there was nothing more relaxing than coming home to pillar point’s brand new music video for “dreamin’.”  the video features an extended introduction to the song before a slow-motion dance takes over, perfectly complementing the aesthetic defined by pillar point.  true visual art like this is a rarity in the realm of music videos; take the time to check this one out.

listen to a new song from pillar point

pillar point, the mysterious recent addition to the polyvinyl artist list, will release a 7″ sometime this year.  we’ve already heard the a-side – “diamond mine” – and now the seattle synthpopper has shared the flip side with us.  “dreamin'” is much more subdued than its predecessor, retaining a post-chillwave feel, whatever that’s supposed to mean.  check it out below, courtesy of polyvinyl’s soundcloud page.