communions – “eternity”

– featured image courtesy of lasse dearman –

communions have the rare distinction of being an incredibly young band with an utterly singular sound.  the danish quartet absorbed some frosty, post-punk comparisons to their copenhagen counterparts on early singles, but that icy exterior has thawed into some of the most consistently-sunny songwriting meandering through the internet.

next month, communions will release a new 7″ single on their new label, the esteemed fat possum records.  this announcement was coupled with “don’t hold anything back,” the single’s triumphant a-side; today, the band has shared its counterpart, “eternity.”  a comparatively mid-tempo number, “eternity” is again bolstered by martin rehof’s instantly-recognizable, gripping lead vocal, and his command of melody carries over into the track’s guitar work, toggling between sonorous chords, chiming bell tones, and busy lead lines in the song’s latter half.

“eternity” is the caliber of song expected from a band with a few full-lengths under their belt, but communions has yet to release their debut album.  that will come soon enough, though.  for now, take a listen to “eternity” below.