shy layers – “gateway”

– featured image courtesy of jamie keiter – 

jd walsh makes polychromatic pop music under the moniker shy layers that feels like an extension of his visual artwork.  the newly atlanta-based polymath puts this on full display with “gateway,” the effervescent lead single off of walsh’s sophomore full-length, midnight marker.

the self-directed music video feels like using a kaleidoscopic lens to excavate walsh’s brain; psychedelic images continuously swirl with walsh superimposed over them, trotting out the track’s salient instruments: voice, guitar, modular synthesizer.  from a strictly auditory standpoint, “gateway” is an unassuming balearic gem, with myriad countermelodies and motifs intertwined amidst walsh’s earworm of a lead vocal.

midnight marker is due out may 25th via beats in space.  check out the irresistible music video for “gateway” below.