cina polada – “gloom”

– featured image courtesy of the artist –

finnish quintet cina polada make a brand of pop music that is dreamy only in terms of the ambiance swirling in the background of any given track; the foreground is often equal parts effervescent and propulsive, with melodic motifs and arpeggios jostling for space amidst busy drum parts and a soaring lead vocal.

all of those components are on display throughout “gloom,” the group’s excellent lead-off single culled from their self-titled debut ep, out september 29th via the swedish imprint strangers candy.  a bass line that would satisfy the progenitors of post-punk ushers in a cascade of guitars and synths which explore the various peaks and valleys of the song’s lush landscape, waning with the arrival of hilla miettinen’s vocals and waxing as they drift out of focus.  the result is one of the most pleasant three minutes of pop to be heard all summer long.

take a listen to “gloom” below.