lomelda – “interstate vision”

– featured image courtesy of the artist –

hannah read’s output as lomelda has long been plaintive, yes, but there has also been a strong degree of assuredness lingering in most tracks.  her 2015 full-length forever is adored in small but ever-growing circles – compounded by last year’s stunning live rendition, 4e* – for myriad reasons, but bleary-eyed, vast pop landscapes grounded in adroit, nuanced songwriting seems to be a strong common thread.  lomelda as a concept has long been kept under wraps by read, but the project has always been grounded somewhere in texas, a sprawling geographical exapanse that pairs rather well with wide-open, americana-tinged compositions.

cue “interstate vision,” a lomelda track that has kicked around for some time before becoming the lead single to the project’s upcoming album, thx.  read’s lead vocal is placed front and center as the mid-tempo arrangement sways behind her, a gentle, jangly guitar melody functioning as her conversation partner.  as all components lock in place, “interstate vision” becomes exactly the sort of intimate snapshot lomelda takes so well, with a memorable, lilting chorus to boot.

thx arrives september 8th via lomelda’s new label home, the venerable double double whammy.  get lost in “interstate vision” below.