yoshinori hayashi – “bit of garden”

– featured image courtesy of kim hiorthøy – 

the tokyo-based producer yoshinori hayashi thrives in organic elements, threading well-worn melodic timbres through understated percussion to achieve a singular, meditative palette.  hayashi stands out within japan’s vibrant electronic music community; the wonderful smalltown supersound has latched on to his prowess and will release his debut full-length, ambivalence, on october 26th.

on lead single “bit of garden,” hayashi deploys a warbly, hypnotic piano loop on the track’s nocturnal synth foundation, its percussive elements pinpointing a groove only after fully internalizing the subdivisions.  secondary elements emerge and swirl together as the track progresses, enveloping hayashi’s soundscape in an almost celestial exterior that yearns to depart this world.  listen in below.


listen to a new song from radicalfashion

photo courtesy of the artist

radicalfashion is hirohito ihara, a japanese composer slated to release his long-awaited sophomore album tomorrow via flau records.  garcon follows the minimalist tendencies of its predecessor, odori, and features ten sparse, pensive compositions that evoke strong memories of erik satie while subtly contributing to the modern post-classical movement.  “in women,” the album’s penultimate cut, is a comparatively consonant, full-bodied work that offers a rare sustained bit of momentum on garcon.  still, its unexpected harmonic resolutions and grating grace notes serve as indicators of the wide spectrum of emotions radicalfashion chooses to explore at a moment’s notice, an exercise that dominates the album.  take a listen to “in women” below.

listen to a new song from teen daze

photo courtesy of landon speers

teen daze released his a world away ep back in january, a six-track effort that has served as an adequate place-holder for his impending full-length album.  the ep is slated for a march 18th release in japan via plancha records, and the physical copy will double the content with six bonus tracks.  “lights in the palm trees” is a liquid, pensive cut included amongst the six new songs, and plancha has teased the track in anticipation of the ep’s release overseas.  take a listen to a particularly pastoral incarnation of teen daze below.