black belt eagle scout – “half colored hair”

– featured image courtesy of eleanor petry –

there’s a quiet intensity that permeates throughout mother of my children, the debut full-length from portland’s black belt eagle scout that saw a re-release last fall, courtesy of saddle creek records. woven through its eight tracks are visceral examinations of queer, indigenous identity that grapple with personal loss and erasure, its sparse structures periodically blossoming into cathartic, towering walls of noise.

katherine paul, the beating heart behind black belt eagle scout, thankfully had more exquisite material at her disposal; last friday saw the release of a new 7” single, “loss & relax” b/w “half colored hair,” songs that grew out of the mother of my children sessions.

in contrast with its sturdier, heavier a-side, “half colored hair” finds KP occupying a more tender realm, the soft pulse of a floor tom thrumming beneath the faint chords that accompany her gentle love song. a simple sentiment turns on a mantra derived from the song’s title, with paul repeating “i never knew i’d like half colored hair so much / but in the light” as keyboard pads bloom into the foreground, an aural reflection of a promising relationship.

“loss & relax” b/w “half colored hair” is out now via saddle creek. listen to its b-side below.