most anticipated albums of fall 2016

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the home stretch of each year always provides a plethora of new albums vying for contention in year-end best-of reviews.  invariably, at least one heavy-hitter holds onto a project until the quarter is almost over before unleashing it and messing with the internet’s ballots by proxy (here’s looking at you, the weeknd and lorde).  the full list for this fall is exhausting; google searches and metacritic are good tools to keep yourself in the know, but we’ve also compiled a handful of albums we’re especially itching to dig into.  read on for more detailed explanations.

mick-jenkins-the-healing-componentmick jenkins – the healing component
september 23rd (free nation)

after years of building anticipation, mick jenkins will finally release his long-awaited debut album, the healing component, tomorrow.  if early looks like “spread love,” “drowning,” and “fall through” are indicatives of the album’s tenor, then the healing component should more than clear the high bar jenkins has imposed on himself.

jenny-hval-blood-bitchjenny hval – blood bitch
september 30th (sacred bones)

only a little more than a year has passed since jenny hval released her excellent apocalypse, girl, but the norwegian composer and songwriter has already completed a follow-up album, blood bitch.  hval’s new effort is billed as an about-face from its predecessor and has been bolstered by the strengths of lead single “female vampire” and “period piece,” a standout component of this year’s adult swim singles series.

unnamed-1moses sumney – lamentations
september 30th (self-released)

moses sumney’s live performances are a wonder to behold, and his recorded music is nearly emotive.  after thriving off of a handful of singles and his debut ep, mid-city island, sumney will self-release his latest extended play at the end of this month, but be on the lookout for his much-anticipated debut album sometime soon after.

takuya-kuroda-zigzaggertakuya kuroda – zigzagger
october 7th (concord records)

those not familiar with japanese bandleader and trumpeter takuya kuroda would do well to pick up his 2014 album, rising son, a perfect union of jazz, hip-hop, and r&b.  kuroda and his band continue to hone that aesthetic on zigzagger, his fifth studio album and first for concord records.  for a primer, start with the album’s lead-off single, “r.s.b.d.”

ricky eat acid talk to you soon.pngricky eat acid – talk to you soon
october 28th (terrible records)

sam ray will return to his ricky eat acid moniker at the end of next month to release the project’s first full-length in over two years.  2014’s three love songs is a timeless masterpiece, and ray’s divergence from its ambient magnetic pull on subsequent singles, mixtapes, and eps suggest that talk to you soon may be broader in scope and ambition, but almost certainly as uniquely emotive as its predecessor.

– other notable releases –

bon iver – 22, a million (september 30th)
danny brown – atrocity exhibition (september 30th)
s u r v i v e – rr7349 (september 30th)
ahem – just wanna be (october 7th)
jagwar ma – every now & then (october 14th)
american football – american football (october 21st)
the radio dept. – running out of love (october 21st)
forth wanderers – slop (november 11th)
the weeknd – starboy (november 25th)
childish gambino – pharos (tba)
chromatics – dear tommy (tba)
vancouver sleep clinic – tba (tba)



thermostat check – all around sound

therm check all around sound“thermostat check” is a feature we’re running throughout the rest of the month to both take the temperature of music in 2016 so far and to broaden the spectrum of the dimestore’s coverage.  we rounded up proprietors of other music sites and asked them to sound off on their five favorite bodies of work that dropped during the first half of the year; kicking off the week’s festivities is a guest post from dante allington, the founder of all around sound.  links to stream entire eps or albums are inserted in the caption below their respective cover art, while standalone tracks will be embedded within the post.  dig in.

despite the fact that 2015 gave us one of the best years of music in recent memory, 2016 is proving no slouch in that department.  featuring much anticipating debuts from acts like aurora, big thief, and yumi zouma, as well as spirited returns from the likes of chairlift, marissa nadler, and mutual benefit, it’s certainly been the year that keeps on giving.  the year is only half over and there’s already been so many absolutely stellar albums released and announced that i can hardly wait to see what the rest of 2016 holds.  but while waiting over here with bated breath, here are some of all around sound’s favorite releases from the year so far.

adult jazz earrings off coveradult jazz – “earrings off!

leeds-based quartet adult jazz are one of those rare and wonderful bands that, due to patience and thoughtfulness, arrive with a fully-realized creative vision.  releasing their incredibly underrated debut full-length, gist is ,in 2014, the band’s been a bit home-bound but very recently came out of a hiatus of sorts with “eggshell,” the first single from their earrings off! ep.  the song introduces a much more lucid approach to harry burgess’ songwriting and the title track does a wonderful job linking the stream of thought that began on adult jazz’s debut.  

“earrings off!” is inspired by anecdotal story about burgess’ normally well-behaved brother’s violent reaction to critique of his masculinity as a boy, and largely turns it a critique of forced masculinity itself.  paired with adult jazz’s uniquely complex brand of experimental pop, it sinks right into that sweet spot of being enjoyable music with an important message; the video, directed by sam travis, further explores the theme with its flexing trophy figures.  

adult jazz have always made it a point to challenge themselves (and, by extension, the listener) and they certainly don’t let up here, pairing their complicated composition with food for thought.  

andy shauf the partyandy shauf – the party

saskatchewan singer/songwriter andy shauf proved a talent for melancholic narratives with his debut, last year’s the bearer of bad news.  for his next effort, shauf turned his gaze even more intimate, abandoning plans to record in germany in favor of at home alone in regina, saskatchewan, and drawing from a significantly smaller pool of songs than he did on the bearer of bad news.

the result is the party, a collection of songs bonded together by a pseudo-concept of the album’s namesake that continues shauf’s streak of engaging songwriting and craftsmanship.  the songs on the party are polished with arrangements reminiscent of a 1970’s singer/songwriter, and shauf’s narratives, which occasionally carry over and compound from song to song, are as effective as ever.

bayonne appeals single artbayonne – “appeals”

while live music videos are certainly no new thing, bayonne’s roger sellers attacks the medium with the sort of innovation that lifts his music above that of merely a loop artist.  the video, a collaboration between directing duo nofun and digital collective dawn of man, essentially brings the energy and majesty of bayonne’s live set to your home. 

one of his most complex compositions, “appeals,” features sellers’ high intensity multi-tasking presented in a way that’s absolutely mesmerizing, and establishes sellers as one of the new breed of electronic artists not content to just sit behind a computer screen but to actively engage with the music they’re creating.

show me love remix coverhundred waters – “show me love” (skrillex remix)

from their earliest days as the backing band to gainesville’s levek, hundred waters have always had a deep-seated reverence for the art of collaboration that’s informed not only their recording process but their live sets as well.  teaming up with owsla label head skrillex, hundred waters’ sparse opening number from sophomore effort, the moon rang like a bell, is turned into a full-blown jam without losing its poignant message.  the “show me love” remix is more rework than remix, featuring a number of new verses from singer/songwriter moses sumney and chance the rapper, arrangements from rhye’s robin hannibal, and production from skrillex.

mal devisa kiidmal devisa – kiid

perhaps one of this year’s best debut records came from northhampton-based singer/songwriter mal devisa.  a great deal of why the album works so well is its refusal to be easily defined.  taking inspiration from everything from soul to folk, mal devisa’s deja carr practically devours experiences and uses them to inform her emotionally-sincere songwriting.  kiid is an album of emotional extremes, but steadily paced and built over time.  for every “in my neighborhood,” there’s an opposing “sea of limbs”; for every “live again,” there’s a contrasting “dominatrix.” 

deja carr refuses to let her musical style be pinned down.  the sum of her musical influences, and kiid, is all the better for it: a solid album whose consistency lies in its raw, emotive force.

most of what dante selected did not even register on our radar, and for that we are ashamed.  if you want dante to publicly shame you while also providing impeccable running commentary about music both new and old, follow him on twitter; you can also find all around sound on facebook.  watch this space in the coming days for another installment.