briana marela – “farthest shore”

– featured image courtesy of eleanor petry –

the olympia, washington, producer briana marela released her third solo album, call it love, today via jagjaguwar.  along with the album’s arrival, marela has shared the visual accompaniment to a new single, “farthest shore.”

marela paired up with seattle-based director bobby mchugh to make the music video, and the two honed in on their shared experience of night terrors to craft the clip’s aesthetic.  the end result is quite jarring; marela stars opposite physical manifestations of these terrors, the video’s progressively fractured composition mirroring the debilitating effects of being trapped in a seemingly perpetual dream state.

follow the link above to purchase a copy of call it love, and watch the hazy, unsettling clip for “farthest shore” below.

ness nite – “yes”

– featured image courtesy of derrick koch –

ness nite’s output in 2016 has been sparse but powerful; three singles form a composite sketch of the sensual, nocturnal atmosphere vanessa reliford has fastidiously cultivated from scratch, each pairing downtempo production with a chameleonic vocal delivery system capable of transitioning from melismatic hooks to rapid-fire bars at a moment’s notice.  throw in this impeccable live rendition of an unreleased track, “sigh,” and it becomes even more apparent that ness nite is poised to ascend the steps of a higher platform.

while we’re still a couple of months out from a full-length ness nite project, today does mark the arrival of the music video for her standout cut, “yes,” which features a guest vocal from nick jordan and extra production from collaborator mike frey.  reliford flows through grassy fields with a supporting coreographed cast in tow in the conner evert-directed clip, though the scene’s unassuming consonance is slowly consumed by a nighttime ceremonial bonfire of sorts.  after only aurally experiencing ness nite for months, this video for “yes” is the perfect visual accompaniment.  watch below.

maria usbeck – “moai y yo”

maria usbeck holland brown
photo courtesy of holland brown

maria usbeck’s debut solo effort, amparo, flew relatively low on our radar this spring, a regrettable situation that is being steadfastly remedied.  positioned just behind the curtain of the album’s opening number is “moai y yo,” an effortlessly breezy ode to usbeck’s time on easter island.  today, that track receives a music video treatment in the form of a captivating, minimalist clip that follows usbeck and two dancers moving fluidly against a simple backdrop; click here to read the interview that accompanied rookie‘s premiere, and watch the video for “moai y yo” below.

pillar point – “dove”

pllr pnt
photo courtesy of the artist

pillar point’s sophomore full-length marble mouth is already among this year’s stand-out bodies of work, with scott reitherman fastidiously doubling down on his dark yet invigorating brand of dance music.  one of the album’s sturdiest singles, “dove,” was recently tapped by director jacob krupnik to use in a vogue-centric music video that follows kia labeija through the streets of bogotá, colombia in pursuit of an elusive lover.  the video premiered on the creators project earlier this week; navigate there to read more about the project’s history and then watch the clip for “dove” below.

morly – “the choir”

photo courtesy of the artist

minneapolis native morly dropped off “the choir” last month, a haunting work of minimalist electronica that remains one of the strongest singles of 2016.  morly’s follow-up to last year’s excellent in defense of my muse is due out in april via cascine, but in the meantime she’s teamed with gina gammell on a music video for “the choir,” based around moody, affective choreography that fluctuates with the song’s points of tension and release.  check out the clip below.

gosh pith – “k9”

photo courtesy of the artist

gosh pith will drop off their second ep, gold chain, at the end of the month via b3sci records. the duo’s amalgam of r&b, trap, and indie rock proves particularly effective in their latest single, “k9,” a slow-burning, bass-heavy jam with a purposeful half-time vocal hook delivered over the chorus.  the track’s music video dropped today; in it, director shane patrick ford follows a young love triangle that experiences some seedier sides of detroit’s underground scene before heroically escaping.  check out the clip for “k9” below.

perhapsy – “all my soul swallowed”

derek barber odell hussey
photo courtesy of odell hussey

derek barber’s latest single as perhapsy, “all my soul swallowed,” has reverberated throughout this month here at the dimestore.  barber recently teamed with director madeline kenney to make a music video for the track; in the clip, a technicolor-clad barber emerges from a lean-to in search of an adequate power supply deep in a west coast forest.  the video becomes even more eccentric as the song progresses, with a strange ever-present bust and a rather volatile mug of liquid juxtaposing the aurally melancholic vibe.

“all my soul swallowed” is culled from perhapsy’s forthcoming album, me tie-doughty walker, out march 3rd.  check out the music video below.

gem club – “speech of foxes”

gem club
photo courtesy of tonje thilesen

there’s no word yet on a follow-up album to gem club’s immensely poignant in roses, but there is this haunting, pastoral music video for “speech of foxes” in the meantime.  the ben phillippo-directed clip initially popped up during 2015’s year-end list season, causing some regrettable oversight on our end.  like its aural counterpart, the video for “speech of foxes” is profoundly introspective, with phillippo masterfully obscuring the line between metaphor and reality as the central character cleanses himself of his past.  it’s as therapeutic as it is heartbreaking.  spend some time with “speech of foxes” below.

porches – “be apart”

porches jessica lehrman
photo courtesy of jessica lehrman

the snippets of new porches material aaron maine has offered up have been a far cry away from 2013’s raw slow dance with the cosmos.  after releasing the elastic and unpredictable “hour” in october, maine has doubled down on his new affinity for synth-driven explorations with “be apart,” the second single culled from next month’s pool.  the track dropped today alongside an eerie and somber music video, helmed by director daniel brereton, whose point-of-view camera work follows the band through a polychrome house and becomes an additional fiber woven through the song’s foreboding harmonic pads and buoyant melodic figures.

pool is out february 5th via domino records; watch the clip for “be apart” below.

skylar spence – “i can’t be your superman”

skylar spence
photo courtesy of the artist

ryan derobertis’ early work as saint pepsi was critically lauded, a trait that’s carried over into his most recent output as skylar spence.  on prom king, which dropped last september via carpark records, derobertis navigated towards big hooks and indelible grooves – key tenets of the dance music he grew up with.  the music video for one of the album’s most impressionable singles, “i can’t be your superman,” arrived today; director maegan houang adds layers of visual surrealism to augment the track’s effervescent demeanor, with a late-night nail salon brawl devolving into a chemically-induced dance fantasy.  watch the clip below.