listen to hellfyre club’s remix of future’s “honest”

with esteemed producer riley lake at the controls, the four mainstays of hellfyre club have taken their turn spitting verses over “honest,” a track originally by future.  milo, open mike eagle, nocando, and busdriver continue to fire on all cylinders, arguing the case that their upcoming tour is something not to be missed.  check out the track below, courtesy of hellfyre club’s soundcloud page.


listen to a new song from the upcoming hellfyre club compilation

hellfyre club sports a roster of multiple artists poised for some substantial breakthroughs.  if you follow my blog, you are probably already familiar with my high opinions of milo, a talented rapper from wisconsin currently signed to the label.  hellfyre club has a compilation album, dorner vs. tookie, due out november 5th, and today they’ve shared “manchester,” a fantastic track that will appear on the album.  milo and busdriver handle the hook, while the former also provides a fantastic verse that complements nocando’s rather brash musings.  all of this floats over an easy, downtempo groove supplied by super.  check out “manchester” below, courtesy of hellfyre club’s soundcloud page.