dimestore saints premiere: england in 1819 – “petal”

england in 1819 was once a sprawling nonet, heavily invested in orchestral timbres and the instruments that provide them, but these days the moniker is more modestly attached to a duo: the band’s founding members andrew and dan callaway.  the brothers are set to drop a new ep entitled summer lightning on october 21st, and we’re stoked to premiere its second single, “petal.”  while its rubber-band bass line initially puts up a facade as a rather brooding entity, “petal” comes into its own with an absolutely soaring, glorious chorus complete with unexpected but welcomed harmonic progressions.  perhaps that’s a nod to the conservatory years of the brothers callaway, or maybe it’s just for fun.  either way, “petal” is a song worth getting momentarily lost in, and may even provide the necessary uplift for the beginning of a long week.  take a listen below.