porches – “be apart”

porches jessica lehrman
photo courtesy of jessica lehrman

the snippets of new porches material aaron maine has offered up have been a far cry away from 2013’s raw slow dance with the cosmos.  after releasing the elastic and unpredictable “hour” in october, maine has doubled down on his new affinity for synth-driven explorations with “be apart,” the second single culled from next month’s pool.  the track dropped today alongside an eerie and somber music video, helmed by director daniel brereton, whose point-of-view camera work follows the band through a polychrome house and becomes an additional fiber woven through the song’s foreboding harmonic pads and buoyant melodic figures.

pool is out february 5th via domino records; watch the clip for “be apart” below.


listen to a new song from diet cig

if you missed the diet cig party this week, now’s your chance to get all caught up.  alex luciano and noah bowman have been honing a twee-infused craft of solid garage rock up in new paltz, surrounding themselves with folks that have contributed to bands like lvl up, porches., and site favorites quarterbacks.  the duo is offering up their over easy ep on february 24th via father/daughter records and recently shared their debut single, “scene sick,” a two-minute anthem of apathy supercharged by bowman’s drumming and an extremely catchy, surprising outro.  blink and you’ll miss it.  with “scene sick” obviously just scraping at the levels of emotion diet cig is capable of dissecting and conveying, over easy has suddenly become one of this winter’s hottest commodities.  familiarize yourself below.