kevin krauter – “rollerskate”

– featured image courtesy of alexa viscius – 

some welcome news in our small corner of the internet today: the indiana singer-songwriter kevin krauter has announced his debut album, toss up, out june 15th via bayonet records.  krauter’s name may ring a bell for those following the bloomington-based trio hoops; krauter’s songwriting folds into the greater collective of that band, but has captivated audiences at the helm of his own material, particuarly the impeccable, bossa nova-tinged 2016 extended play changes.

on “rollerskate,” the lead single from his upcoming full-length, krauter trades syncopation in favor of a dusky, more straight-ahead groove, guitar arpeggios and vintage synth pads swirling together in the foreground.  a mantra-like guitar motif jockeys for prominence with krauter’s lead vocal, here devoid of any falsetto.  as a whole, “rollerskate,” feels like a vessel in transit, an apt nod to its title; take a listen below.