premiere – baby blanket

bb blanket
photo courtesy of the artist

lowkey radical is the arts collective you never knew you needed.  the minneapolis upstart boasts longtime dimestore favorites like sayth and two castles as members, but also plays host to a handful of younger, promising artists.  luke mathison sang the hooks on the sayth and north house collaborative ep body pillow under the moniker baby blanket; his warm, syrupy tone established the mood on “maybe god is afraid of us?” and foreshadowed the aesthetic he toys with on his debut solo effort, “i never liked my birthday anyways.”  on “birthday,” mathison embodies the song’s downtrodden title with a maudlin vocal turn, languidly developing over a nocturnal beat co-produced by north house.  after signing off with the evaluation “we both have some growing to do / me more than you,” the track veers off into a beautiful instrumental coda, replete with a melancholy synth line that pines for the song’s central figure.  “i never liked my birthday anyways” is premiering here on dimestore saints; take a listen below.