listen to a new song from all dogs

all dogs band
photo courtesy of the artist

the debut full-length from all dogs feels long overdue.  the columbus, ohio outfit, led by maryn jones, has released a small series of splits and 7″ singles, building anticipation with whip smart pop-punk sensibilities that at times echo their salinas label-mates radiator hospital and swearin’.  today, all dogs officially announced the release of kicking every day, due out august 28th via salinas records.  the announcement was coupled with “that kind of girl,” the album’s cacophonous lead single that has been spun no less than ten times here in the dimestore office this morning.  the general consonance of the song’s melodic structure is occasionally undercut by searing dissonance, a reflection of the duality in jones’ lyrics as she tries to suss out her prevailing opinion of the subject.  watch an early live video of the song here, courtesy of our good pals at heartbreaking bravery, and stream the studio version below.


listen to a new song from the goodbye party

the goodbye partyour good pal over at heartbreaking bravery steered us towards the goodbye party, the solo project of michael cantor, who used to play with philadelphia-based pop-punk band the ambulars.  cantor released silver blueshis first full-length as the goodbye party, yesterday via bandcamp; it’s a twelve-track effort that finds him straddling the line between earnest power-pop and more atmospheric, bluesy experimentations.  the album’s lead single, “crossed out,” falls into the former of those two camps, with distorted jangly guitar work pushed towards the forefront of the song’s mix.  despite its sunny instrumental disposition, “crossed out” lyrically reflects the somber side of cantor’s output, with lyrics like “i couldn’t make a fist to punch out / the light glowing over my head as i sleep” retaining an especially hopeless quality.  silver blues will see a vinyl release via salinas later this month; take a listen to “crossed out” below.