listen to a new song from phox

maybe “reworked song” would be a more apt description in the title.  oh well.  it’s been a treat to watch the rest of the world slowly catch on to the true gem that is phox.  there’s traffic here on almost a daily basis looking for the band’s 2013 ep confetti (sorry, they took it down), and the baraboo sextet have been picking up steam, playing sxsw and receiving coverage from npr all while working on their self-titled album, their first for partisan records.  the album is due out june 24th, and the band put up a bunch of pre-order information on their website today.  along with the pre-order comes “slow motion,” a re-recorded version of the opening track off confetti.  the overall structure of the song remains fairly consistent, but subtle nuances like organ swells and a greater presence of percussion make “slow motion” even sharper, building tons of anticipation for the rest of the album.  take a listen below, courtesy of the band’s soundcloud page, and look for phox to come to a city near you this summer.