yoshinori hayashi – “bit of garden”

– featured image courtesy of kim hiorthøy – 

the tokyo-based producer yoshinori hayashi thrives in organic elements, threading well-worn melodic timbres through understated percussion to achieve a singular, meditative palette.  hayashi stands out within japan’s vibrant electronic music community; the wonderful smalltown supersound has latched on to his prowess and will release his debut full-length, ambivalence, on october 26th.

on lead single “bit of garden,” hayashi deploys a warbly, hypnotic piano loop on the track’s nocturnal synth foundation, its percussive elements pinpointing a groove only after fully internalizing the subdivisions.  secondary elements emerge and swirl together as the track progresses, enveloping hayashi’s soundscape in an almost celestial exterior that yearns to depart this world.  listen in below.


kelly lee owens – “spaces”

– featured image courtesy of kim hiorthøy – 

the london producer and singer kelly lee owens released an outstanding self-titled album earlier this year, a pulsating collage of electronica replete with an homage to arthur russell and a collaboration with jenny hval.  as if that album’s ten songs weren’t enough of a gift, owens today released an extended version, with three additional tracks in tow.

“spaces” is part of that addendum.  armed with a descending motif that meanders towards its destination and owens’ exacting lead vocal, “spaces” is a chilly slow-jam, content with pausing at sparse plateaus before continuing its plunge to cavernous depths.  listen below.