teen daze – “spring”

– featured image courtesy of the artist –

jamison isaak has spent the past decade recording music, sometimes under the moniker teen daze, sometimes not. his various releases have in turn been dance-oriented, drone-based, or pop-leaning, but the common thread has been the inherent introspectiveness each album or extended play elicits as a whole.

isaak released material under his own name for the first time just last year, turning in a pair of meditative EPs grounded in piano and pedal steel treatments before returning his attention to teen daze with “hidden worlds” in the waning hours of 2018.

with the release of “spring” late last week, the latest incarnation of isaak’s flagship project has come into sharper focus; a worn-in, descending guitar loop is parked in the foreground as complementary elements develop methodically around it, its vernal bloom a snapshot of the purposefulness long woven through teen daze’s output.

“spring” is out now ahead of bioluminescence, due april 26th via isaak’s own label, FLORA. take a listen below.


premiere – trevor ransom

– featured image courtesy of sarah grunder – 

seattle native trevor ransom returned home last year after voyages to rural england and sweden, pastoral impressions in tow.  the producer’s third extended play, aptly titled spring, is six tracks of panoramic bliss, an amalgam of acoustic timbres, delicate electronics, and weightless, wordless vocals.

closing number “vent” is a suite in miniature, with three distinct movements presented in succession.  in the first, frosty piano chords descend over a persistent drone and swelling string pads; this sputters off into a collection of found sounds, a babbling brook of percolating motion that embraces a distant wordless melody and bleeds into the finale, a gorgeous choir of clarity backed by acoustic guitars and a plaintive violin.

taken together, all of these components provide the perfect vessel in which to get lost, a true meditation on and reflection of the changing seasons.  spring is out february 23rd via the impeccably curated hush hush records.  listen to “vent,” premiering right here on the dimestore, below.